There is an endless supply of White Men

transferred from old blog dated 4-7 02

Watched the last ten minutes of 1970 film from book by same name, “Little Big Man”…

“There is an endless supply of White Men, but the trouble is, there has always been a limited supply of Human Beings*.”

*Cheyenne referred to themselves as human beings.

(Little Big Man, by Thomas Berger…I’m quoting from the movie made from the book, so this may not be accurate)

Watched “Rendez-Vous” on library video yesterday, 1985 (6?) French film, reminded me of one of may favorite poems, later put to wonderful music, and wonderfully interpreted by Juliette Greco:
“Je suis comme je suis,
Je suis faite comme ca,
Quand j’ai envie to rire,
Oui je ris aux eclat.

J’aime celui qui m’aime,
est-ce ma faute a moi,
Ci ce n’est pas le meme,
Que j’aime chacque foix?”

“I am the way I am,
That’s the way I’m formed,
When I laugh,
I laugh till I burst.

I love the one who loves me,
Is it my fault if
I don’t love the same one
Every time?”

Jacque Prevert

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