More about emailing Al Gore

Some of this won’t make sense unless you read my previous Gore posts, btw.

My techie friends point out that email FORMS pop-up when you click on “contact us” in many websites because it helps them help you by getting vital info up-front, while helping them help them to “harvest” (love that term!) information about the sender. Well, in Mr. Gore’s case, even that was not available.

At any rate, we certainly are seeing a new Al here (I still think it’s not to late for him to drop some quality Sandoz product and REALLY not take it anymore). He’s been instrumental in the creation of the new billion dollar prize for a global warming solution, and although I have not seen it yet (my bad, I know) I think I’m on terra firma in opining that “An Inconveniant Truth” is the most compelling (popular/non-academic) case yet made for the FACT and CRITICAL NATURE of global warming.

Which brings me to talking about Hillary Clinton’s latest response to why she voted for the war in Iraq. Allow me to summarize her response (minus the firm voice and steely girl-scout gaze):

“Well…uh…I jes thought…uh…my gawd…mah president is tellin’ me that these ayrabs have weppuns of mass destruction and …uh…well jeez…mah own husband wuz a presidaint oncet…so I couldn’t imagine that any presidaint could tell a lie!!! So..uh…of course I voted for the war appropriations.”

Oh what a bunch of brainless fuckwads we are….To listen to this horseshit, to allow all three branches of “government” to get gang raped by neo-nazi hooligans (not that the rapees aren’t scum too), to allow TWO elections to be stolen, to allow the camel of religion back under the tent (first the nose, then the hump), to send hundreds of thousands of people to unbelievably cruel deaths and maiming and loss, and to have the unmitigated conceitedness to worry a thousand times more for “our” dead and wounded vs. “their” dead and wounded, and perhaps most egregiously of all, to sanction by innaction an educational system that educates just enough people to keep the military/industrial complex alive while allowing 99% percent of the population to “graduate” from high school, college and university with just enough information to do their jobs and still not be able to find the US on a world map.

An hour ago, I heard (on a US senator say that he had no idea that the World Bank countenanced the sell-out of poor nations’ debts for pennies on the dollar. And I believe the poor bastard…he did not know…just like poor Hillary didn’t know.

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