Lee Iaccoca speaks truth to power…are you ready for The Rapture?

Well it’s nice to know Bill Maher has a platform again:

Check out this rant…lovely.

But, wait, there’s more! Lee Iacocca is channeling Noam Chomsky!

OK, someone should have caught it when he started in on our “ships of state…going over cliffs” (how about our ship of state hitting a titanic iceberg? Or our train of chiseling political sycophants following our (non) president over the cliff of neo-fascist coup d’etat? Ships going over cliffs? Nah… too Bush League.

But, heck, I’m not complaining. You go Lee!

Author: quickdrawartist

Entrepreneur, artist, dancer. More about me at http://about.me/frankpoliat, http://quickdrawartist.com

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