Remove your personal data from people aggregation websites (Spokeo, Intelius, Whitepages >.com)

Joe Hage mentioned in Facebook: “There’s a site called where I can see your age, your spouse, the value of your home, etc. Remove yourself by searching your name, copy the URL of your page, then go to the bottom right corner of the page and click on the Privacy button to remove yourself. Copy &… re-post.”

Barry Hurd added: “There are many services like Spokeo. Unfortunately the people-aggregation business model is pretty massive, two local companies actually lead the industry with and Most of the techniques they use to gather persona…l data would be questionable in the sense that the common person has no idea where the info came from (estate records, tax info, census, drivers info, hotel lists, phone carrier, etc.). In my mind these services are like the spammy email lists of the 90s.”

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4 thoughts on “Remove your personal data from people aggregation websites (Spokeo, Intelius, Whitepages >.com)”

  1. Why is it in America you have to pay for advertisement, but yet your personal information is posted online for free? We go to war for freedom and to protect our citizens, but yet we allow criminals in our own country to access all information pertaining to our life. Does anyone not see SAFETY concern? We are all to busy trying to increase our personal values we have lost the morale of the country! Why should hard working people continue to pay companies to remove our names from their data base? When I personally have never asked for it to be there. With all the fraud and crime, one would think changes would have been in place to protect the innocent. B&E’s occur daily. Police have to investigate and take time from stopping crimes on the street. My point being, if these website did not advertise annual income, property value and so much more. It wouldn’t be so easy for criminals to say , hey let’s rob that house. People get rich by selling information that does not belong to them. If I, as a person took a patent idea or material things in which did not belong to be. I would have to face criminal charges. I often read the “terms and Agreement” and I cant remember reading anything about selling my personal information to third parties. Guess I’m just a wee bit upset because I can’t afford to pay a company monthly or annually to protect my personal information. No offense to the companies who profit from this scheme! I’m sure you can afford to have your personal finances deleted from all data bases. Just wondering if anyone out their feels the same way I do?
    **Does anyone know any tricks to remove your personal info for free/***
    Respectfully yours
    Concerned Citizen

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