Eat your spirulina, for brain, cardio health; also a complete protein.

Spirulina could be harvested off the surface o...
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I’m keeping my bottle of spirulina out where I can remember to eat it. After experimentation, I’ve found that the easiest way to consume it is to shake it in a jar w/ water and down it.

Spirulina is one of the best, cleanest sources of a complete protein. One can get into trouble by not eating meat (well, you have to know what you’re doing) but whether you eat meat or not, spirulina can at least replace some of one’s meat consumption. It also chelates iron, which I’m thinking is especially great for men, who otherwise have little recourse to having too much iron (an oxident). BTW, shedding excess iron is also another great reason for men and post menopausal women to donate blood, IMO. Benefits of spirulina.

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4 thoughts on “Eat your spirulina, for brain, cardio health; also a complete protein.”

    1. Thanks for your feedback. My impression is that you would have to take an awful lot of measurements for this to be statistically significant, given how wildly one’s bp can vary from minute to minute. Tell us more, if you like. Thanks. FP

  1. Hello, I am doing a blood pressure test (at least I try to do) once a day around lunchtime. For some time I was on betablocker pills, but I’ve put on weight and decided to support my self with the diet instead. That’s why I am trying to be accurate with measurements.

  2. I have a lot of the same problems. Just started using the bodybugg system. Be VERY careful about letting go of meds. I speak from experience. I’m just saying that the changes u measured are so small as to be dubious, but I’m not implying that you’re dishonest, just that bp’s and their measurements are more art than science. BP and cholestorol problems often go together. Red Yeast (?) oatmeal, spirulina, all proven good things for stuff like this.

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