Microsoft: beyond stupid, continues with Bing

Microsoft: beyond stupid and evil, continues with Bing


Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as corporate culture. Until Bill Gates lets of of the reins (hmm, must be etymological relation between “reign” and “reins”), Microsoft will be the 1000lb moron gorilla. Remember how many years they insisted that the Internet was a minor part of the Scheme of Things? Remember all the Window’s Beta jokes? Well, I was just giving Bing a chance and learned that you cannot do any kind of advanced search for pages created in the last year/month/week. Is that beyond dumb? Beyond egregious? Feh! Unfuckingbelievable. Some comments from others about this (created in [probably my last]) Bing search: . I can’t tell you exactly what my search terms were, because Bing does not show you that either; but something like “Bing search year month week”…. not actually put in quotes. Every cloud has a silver lining, I may not be as rich as Bill Gates, and I know he’s some kind of genius, but I would not change my brain, or any part of it, or my station in life, or any part of it, for Gates’. On a related note, the reins have changed over at Google in the last week or two. My prediction: it will not be pretty.

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