We act against our well being

Listening to a “This American Life” episode this morning, focusing on global warming. This addresses two of my favorite interests: humility and denial.

I was seven when I began to grasp some of the issues that have always concerned that small band of unhappy few who actually care to use more than 5% of their on-board computers; issues such as suffering, war, disease and as of the last 50 years, global warming.

For now, I’ll just cut to the chase. My father relentlessly abused my mother and me from the time I was six, and almost always behind closed doors. It was probably a lot earlier than that for Mom, but that’s when it started for me. Bottom line is that it was some combination of sociopathy, PTSD brought on by childhood and adult trauma, OCD and male Jewish anger. I only saw a relatively normal father in the last two years of his life. At that time he was put on a daily dose of an antipsychotic starting the very first day that he was admitted to a nursing home.

My point is that David (Dad) was convinced that my mother and I were deficient in various ways that necessitated regular exposures to his dictates and wisdom. He even went so far as to take us together to a venerable psychiatrist ( as I recall, a classic Viennese old-school Freudian) to get an evaluation of us two. We only went once and D made it clear that it was we two who were to be scrutinized, not him.

I won’t have time to finish this this morning so I will tie this all together this weekend, inchallah, but for now my point is that, in general, pride and denial rule human affairs, and now they rule our global environment. Most of us never seem to be able to make the tiny mental leap from witnessing the sheer craziness all around us to understanding that we can all easily fall prey to the illusion that everyone else may be fallible but we ourselves are the soul of sanity and realistic thinking.

(To be continued)

Wordpress “busiest day” April 20. WTF? About crowdsourcing, Epirot, Trust Agents, Twitterification

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Just looked at my stats (below, clik for larger image) on WP and found that yesterday was my busiest day, many times over any other day. Funny thing is that I still have not taken the time to really study how to popularize my blog, or even how to properly read my stat reports. IOW, I don’t know what I’m doing, but the little attention I’ve paid to my blog has grown it from by a factor of about 10 in 30 days. I know that part of this came about from my determining to keep my thoughts more organized by blogging and THEN letting WordPress populate my Facebook page. See my featured home page blog for more about that.

This April, or late March, I decided to start paying attention to and started playing with, Twitter (finally, though I keep it off my mobile) and Worpress, oh and Quora. Can’t forget Quora. And I continue to forge ahead with “Trust Agents,” one fantastic book, about Crowdsourcing… Recommended to me by my digital buddy Epirot: Epirot Ludvik Nekaj @LPlus  NYC, Crowdsourcer, Founder & CEO of Ludvik + Partners @LAdvertising. “Fascinated by Digital World.” http://about.me/epirotludvik     http://epirotludviknekaj.com

And I don't know what I'm doing right.
Hmmm, I wonder where this will lead...

“What happened to Delicious?” and alternative to Facebook? (see freelish and friendfeed)


Reading “What happened to delicious?” is so depressing. Then, on the heels of reading this, I learned about Freelish http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_ideal_delicious_alternative_statusnets_freelis.php .

Also… just learned about friendfeed.com, which looks like a potentially more powerful,  cleaner, safer alt to facebook… Only to learn that it has been purchased by the devil’s spawn, Facebook in 2009.

Is this email spam, phishing or just from a Maroon?

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Here’s the whole text of an email I received today.

The subject line said: I love your blog! do you want to link each other?
… and the body of the message:
“Hello. I really thought your blog (quickdrawartist) was really cool. Are you willing to link me on your site, and in return I would link your site on mine? If you are interested email me back, so that I can show you my site! Thanks in advance!”

I’m thinking phishing. Hey you have my email address, fine. It’s no secret. So if you want a two-way link, just GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING URL. I dunno, maybe it’s spam, fishing AND from a maroon.

Could Dior management truly have been ignorant of John Galliano’s rabid anti-semitism up until Feb. 2011?

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RE: Galliano video and Huffington post link

Could Dior management truly have been ignorant of John Galliano’s rabid anti-Semitism up until Feb. 2011? Is it possible that Dior (and other firms that he worked with) did not know about John Galliano’s anti-Semitism until Feb. 2011?

To answer my own question: only if Galliano was having a psychotic break…. and I don’t think he was.

As a sidebar, this is funny, in a dark way, since as a gay man, Galliano would have herself attended said death camp wearing a darling little pink triangle.

Clickable news map of Middle East

(From http://www.washingtonpost.com, Feb 21 2011)
“Middle East in turmoil

Anti-government protests are spreading rapidly through the Middle East and North Africa. Use this chart to keep up with all of the demonstrations, day by day. ” Click on the country name tabs below the map to read more.

How cool is Quora?

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How cool is Quora? Here’s a sample page  with the question and answer to : “How smart is Mark Zuckerberg, academic-wise? Is he as smart as Bill Gates?”

What’s that bumper sticker? ” It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.”

Well, it’ll be a great day when people worry as much about the size of their brains as they do about the size of their dicks or tits.

Hosni Mubarak, no longer living in de- Nile

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I predicted he’d do it by Feb 9. I was a little off. Sudan still in the hands of ex-dictator’s right hand man. i dont think the Egyptians are gonna let anything like that happen to them, no mubarak jr, no usa/approved bullshit and whoever leads is NOT going to get Lumumba’d (new wrd).  Inch’allah, there will be no Ford to pardon this asshole, but I don’t care, becos I don’t think he’s gonna be able to fly the coop w/ billions to Switzerland. Hundreds of lawyers and doctors flooding the streets of Cairo, wow, how cool. I made another prediction back when the Internet was a baby, that it was the most important event since the printing press and people looked at me like I was crazy. My hopes have always been that the Net would set the world free. Governments are gonna have a harder and harder time covering their pathetic scrawny ugly butts. The Internet is the AntiBigBrother. Now if we can just figure out global warming, overpopulation and the dying planet, we may look forward to the next 7 generations. VENCEREMOS!

More reasons to use Wordpress vs Facebook

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So I’m looking for a conversation I had a while back in Facebook. I happen to know it was on Jan. 24 or maybe the day before. But can I search my wall by date? Nope, it just says stuff like “yesterday” or “sunday” …doesn’t tell you WHICH Sunday. And if I scroll down to older posts…guess what, they’re not there. You think you have a record of conversations and great posts, ideas etc? Nope.

Facebook vs. Wordpress, Naked Emperor Syndrome

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John C. Dvorak says in “Why I Don’t Use Facebook” that FB is “basically AOL with a different layout and all the same retro problems.” Check out the article for yourself, it’s worth the read.

One quote:

“Facebook is retro because, like AOL, it’s retro by its nature. It’s a closed system. Some people like a closed comfy system and others don’t. I, for one, don’t. If I want a personal webpage with all sorts of information about myself, I’ll go to WordPress.com and make one. By doing this, I don’t turn over any data, control, or information to an onerous third-party to sell, use, or exploit. I can close down the site when I want. I can say what I want. I can pretty much do whatever.”

My two cents. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and I will continue to use it. But I also think that it’s popularity reflects some of our societal “dark side” as well. It has to do with how our society thinks about “convenience.” For most people “seeming convenience” trumps “real convenience.” The price United Statesians pay for the privilege of consuming (up to now) 80% of the world’s resources is that we pay for this “privilege” with blood and treasure (and our souls, metaphorically speaking). The trade-off  for using something like Facebook may sometimes be parallel. Sure it’s fun, but in Facebook, our comments drift every which way *, we remain insecure about our security, and we get screwed when we try to use their advertising (subject for a later blog) and and and… So yes, I still use it and often enjoy it.

BUT I’m blogging more and then adding links to the blog into Facebook. This way, I can have a safe threaded ongoing dialogue with anyone who cares to join me here. Is it harder to login or register with WordPress? No, it’s about the same, maybe simpler: just make up a username, and add password and email address (worried about security, get a “trash” email address from Gmail). In terms of security, I’ll put my money on WordPress.

Going back to Dvorak’s comments, here’s how I’d put it. WordPress is to Facebook as Gmail is to classic email, as voice mail is to an answering machine, as email is to faxing, as the phone is to a telegram. They are not only better, they are: 1. qualitatively superior, 2. have features that alter the meaning and functionality of the technology (ex. a car is NOT a horseless carriage).

There are always the “early adopters.” What’s interesting is that the “newer” technologies get so bollixed up. That’s why I like Macs, for example (another blog), it gives us a new technology, but tries to save us from a “horseless carriage” mentality about what we can do with a computer. And I think, that’s why I don’t like Facebook.

Speaking of technology evolution. Here’s a phenomenon that illustrates some of these issues very nicely. I moved from Portland Oregon to a tiny town (pop. 240) on the coast in Nov 2009.  The most popular networking tool for the local community is an email system. We’re talking pre-bbs technology here. You sign up and then send anything you want to disseminate to this (very nice) guy who shall remain nameless. In return, you receive anywhere from 15 to 40 emails A DAY that he forwards from all the other members. It’s right up there with shooting geese with a rock. But try and get something more useful going? Good luck with that. Because people have finally wrapped their heads around the fact that email is useful (and not some dadburned newfangled toy) NOW, they won’t budge from there (the First Mover Advantage).

And so we’ve moved from Ning, to MySpace to Facebook. Meanwhile there’s WordPress.

One more thought for now. My guess is that Dvorak prefers Android over the iPhone. He likes “open systems.” Whereas I’m happy to sign over – when the trade-off makes it worthwhile – some of the flexibility that an open system offers (in this case) to the end-to-end simplicity and cohesiveness of the mac environment, whether it iPhone, iPad, iMac etc. WordPress, in contrast to Facebook, however, offers the best of both worlds. It’s internally cohesive, but you can add bells and whistles easily without having to be an IT-class brain.

* Yes, I know about Notes, and I’ve also created several FB pages, some of which have really taken off and meet a need.

See also: interesting article (and comments) on this subject.

Facebook friends, please try adding some comments to my blog, thanks.

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Over the last week, I’ve been posting my “higher priority” thoughts to WordPress and then posting the link to the blog piece in Facebook. My friends have continued to RESPOND in Facebook. My point being that WordPress allows greater SORT/FIND/FILE capabilities. So Facebook friends, why not try adding a comment to my blog post? Thanks.

Yesterday all-time busiest day on my blog

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Interesting… I didn’t DO anything on my blog yesterday, but still it was the most visited day yet, with the most visits going to http://wp.me/p4njL-1W (“What Happens on the Net, Stays on the Net”). But still no comments from anyone…. I feel so neglected.

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