Is this email spam, phishing or just from a Maroon?


Here’s the whole text of an email I received today.

The subject line said: I love your blog! do you want to link each other?
… and the body of the message:
“Hello. I really thought your blog (quickdrawartist) was really cool. Are you willing to link me on your site, and in return I would link your site on mine? If you are interested email me back, so that I can show you my site! Thanks in advance!”

I’m thinking phishing. Hey you have my email address, fine. It’s no secret. So if you want a two-way link, just GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING URL. I dunno, maybe it’s spam, fishing AND from a maroon.

Facebook scam fraud alert


Over the last few days several “alumni” who say they attended the same college that I attended have asked to friend me. The tip-off that something’s wrong was that they had no other friends. I then checked them out in the online directory of my college and none of them were listed (I have been approached by four “people” so far).

All four of them had only one other piece of information and that was an additional email address (hotmail or aol accts) .

This may be some kind of new scam. So if you have warm-fuzzies about some institution that you have attended, don’t let that be a reason to let your guard down. Don’t let people that you don’t know into your network w/o checking them out first.