It’s Lyin’ Time Again

Well it’s lyin’ time again, you’re gonna peeve me
I can see that scheming twinkle in your eyes
I can tell because I see your lips are moving
That it won’t be long before it’s lyin’ time

Now they say narcissism is a disease
And it’s apparent that it dominates your life
(your life)
Well you’re tearing down your country, won’t you stop please?
And go back to pestering your wife?

Oh it’s trying crime again, you’re gonna grieve me
I can see the dollar signs behind your eyes
I can tell by your hateful policies and lies
That it won’t be long before you turn again to crime

Now you say that you are smarter than your yes-men
That you’re gonna fire another one today
But you’ve got a golf date down in Mar A Lago
Lyin’ time for us is here to stay

Frank Poliat, July 11 2018

James Comey, oh the humanity

The irony is staggering beyond all comprehension. James Comey violated the most basic of tenets of the FBI twice. And that rule reminds one of the first rule of Fightclub: you do not discuss ongoing investigations publically.


[June 2017] The irony is staggering beyond all comprehension. James Comey violated the most basic of tenets of the FBI twice. And that rule reminds one of the first rule of Fightclub: you do not discuss ongoing investigations publically. And Comey himself emphasized that himself recently (listen to the podcast). That alone should open the door to an investigation and, most likely, the censure and firing of Comey. By defying this rule, Comey may very likely have essentially put Trump in office. But given the timing, as mentioned in the aforementioned podcast, it’s obvious that Trump summarily fired him for his own reasons and did so in his inimitable egregious way. I’m losing count of just how many ironies there are in this tragicomedy: he should be fired, but not like that, he’s a threat to Trump for many reasons, but he helped put him in office but… I need a drink.
PS. check out this article.


Putin out the Olympic torch. How the Greeks invented culture, sports and homosexuality.

Feel free to share, but give me credit. Thank you.
NOTE: this is not an irony-free blog.

The Greek Dialogs

Meltdown in Spain and the Spanish Inquisition

ImageThis just occurred to me, and I know it’s mean, but in regards to the financial meltdown in Spain… to paraphrase Tricky Dick (a notorious anti-semite who loved kissing her, look it up kids), this time “you don’t have the jews and muslims to kick around and rip off anymore.”

Who knows, maybe Spain would be better today, by keeping her nasty mitts off of her jews and muslims huh? Ditto Russia, Poland etc….



It is unknown exactly how much wealth was confiscated from converted Jews and others tried by the Inquisition. Wealth confiscated in one year of persecution in the small town of Guadaloupe paid the costs of building a royal residence.[80] There are numerous records of the opinion of ordinary Spaniards of the time that “the Inquisition was devised simply to rob people. “They were burnt only for the money they had,’ a resident of Cuenca averred. “They burn only the well-off,” said another. In 1504 an accused stated, “only the rich were burnt.” …In 1484…Catalina de Zamora was accused of asserting that “this Inquisition that the fathers are carrying out is as much for taking property from the conversos as for defending the faith. “It is the goods that are the heretics.” This saying passed into common usage in Spain. In 1524 a treasurer informed Charles V that his predessor had received ten million ducats from the conversos, but the figure is unverified. In 1592 an inquisitor admitted that most of the fifty women he arrested were rich. In 1676, the Suprema claimed it had confiscated over 700,000 ducats for the royal treasury (which was paid money only after the Inquisition’s own budget, amounting in one known case to only 5%). The property on Mallorca alone in 1678 was worth ‘well over 2,500,000 ducats.”[81]”

See also:

BTW, I’m speaking as an atheist jew, who lived in Spain as a teenager… and loved every minute of it. A wonderful country with wonderful people.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?


Very funny and provoking article , ” ‘Steve Jobs: Vampire. Bill Gates: Zombie.’ ” in Oct. 30 Sunday NY Times Magazine got me speculating on further Zombie equations, hence my headline.

It’s a fun game and any number can play.

Send me YOUR equations.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?
Anybody have the "If/Then" math equation for this? 🙂

Beyone the Ugly American… The Dumb American

Yes, Virginia, maybe lots of non-Americans are dumb as well. But if a fleas steps on you it doesn’t matter, when an elephant steps on you, it does.

The Sole Remaining Stupidpower in the World by David Michael Green

I’m testing sales @


This looks like a great sales venue, my sales so far, my thank-god-i’m-an-atheist t-shirt, and an offer to do instant art. They site went up this january, and they are very communicative and helpful. I gave them some web-usability ideas which they jumped on. Very gratifying, that. My posts there: Thankgodimantheist T-shirt and  Create Instant ART

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