“Targeting Iran” documentary w/ Noam Chomsky. URGENT: help support production.

“Targeting Iran” documentary w/ Noam Chomsky. URGENT: help support production.

Please support and share this effort. Thank you.

Help support creation of documentary on book about Iran by Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian
Help support creation of documentary on book about Iran by Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian

“The project:
TARGETING IRAN is a thirty-minute film based on the book by David Barsamian and Noam Chomsky.  Thanks exclusively to financial contributions from independent supporters, we have been able to complete our interviews with David Barsamian, Noam Chomsky and Dr. Vandana Shiva.  Now we need to hunker down and focus on editing and distributing the final piece!  Without financial support we simply cannot afford the time to finish this important work.

As Israeli and American policy makers consider a bombing of Iran‘s nuclear facilities, the corporate media is dutifully ignoring many issues related to Iran and the country’s nuclear ambitions.  Through the lens of some of the world’s greatest sociopolitical thinkers, TARGETING IRAN will examine the many political, historical, economic, military and cultural aspects of the U.S./Iranian tensions that are not being discussed in the mainstream media.

It is our intention to release the film widely, for free, before this year’s U.S. presidential election. Outlets include Free Speech TV, MoveOn.org, community access stations, and internet sites offering free downloads.  We will then take the film on the festival circuit to increase exposure.

Our first film, SOURCE TO SEA: THE COLUMBIA RIVER SWIM won several awards on the film festival circuit and screened in theaters across the United States and Canada.  Awards included 2007 Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival “Most Inspiring Adventure Film”, 2008 Telly Award “Outstanding Achievement In Sound Design” and 2007 EarthVision Film Festival “Environmental Activism/Social Justice Award”.

Please help us get this important film into the public sphere as soon as possible!”


“Hello Indiegogo supporters!  It’s day thirteen of our campaign and we are very grateful to those who have supported this project!  Knowing that people across the globe see the importance of this issue is very encouraging!  However, we are still very far from our goal!

We had hoped to travel to New York to interview Targeting Iran’s co-authors in New York.  We had also hoped to get the film out before the US Presidential election.  Both of these goals seem evasive at this point, and indeed, the entire film is in jeopardy.  We need several thousand dollars in additional contributions to even think about editing this film and distributing it to a global audience, for free.”


Andy Norris and Ralph Davis

Meltdown in Spain and the Spanish Inquisition

ImageThis just occurred to me, and I know it’s mean, but in regards to the financial meltdown in Spain… to paraphrase Tricky Dick (a notorious anti-semite who loved kissing her, look it up kids), this time “you don’t have the jews and muslims to kick around and rip off anymore.”

Who knows, maybe Spain would be better today, by keeping her nasty mitts off of her jews and muslims huh? Ditto Russia, Poland etc….

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Inquisition


It is unknown exactly how much wealth was confiscated from converted Jews and others tried by the Inquisition. Wealth confiscated in one year of persecution in the small town of Guadaloupe paid the costs of building a royal residence.[80] There are numerous records of the opinion of ordinary Spaniards of the time that “the Inquisition was devised simply to rob people. “They were burnt only for the money they had,’ a resident of Cuenca averred. “They burn only the well-off,” said another. In 1504 an accused stated, “only the rich were burnt.” …In 1484…Catalina de Zamora was accused of asserting that “this Inquisition that the fathers are carrying out is as much for taking property from the conversos as for defending the faith. “It is the goods that are the heretics.” This saying passed into common usage in Spain. In 1524 a treasurer informed Charles V that his predessor had received ten million ducats from the conversos, but the figure is unverified. In 1592 an inquisitor admitted that most of the fifty women he arrested were rich. In 1676, the Suprema claimed it had confiscated over 700,000 ducats for the royal treasury (which was paid money only after the Inquisition’s own budget, amounting in one known case to only 5%). The property on Mallorca alone in 1678 was worth ‘well over 2,500,000 ducats.”[81]”

See also: https://www.google.com/search?q=jews%20expulsion%20reasons%20inquisition

BTW, I’m speaking as an atheist jew, who lived in Spain as a teenager… and loved every minute of it. A wonderful country with wonderful people.

“…But as every previous generation of Americans understood, a truly open market is one of our fundamental democratic institutions.”

“Over the past four years of financial collapse, many of us have come to view markets as a fantastical scam: a giant mechanism geared to transfer our hard-earned dollars into the hands of a few select bankers. And when it comes to the Wall Street markets we rely on to trade our equities and debt and commodities, this sentiment is not all wrong.
But as every previous generation of Americans understood, a truly open market is one of our fundamental democratic institutions. We construct such markets to achieve some of our most basic rights: to deal with whom we choose, to work with whom we choose, to govern our communities and nation as we (along with our neighbors) choose.”From http://harpers.org/archive/2012/02/0083788

#history #education #politics #ows #monopoly #antitrust #teddyroosevelt

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Obama Press Conference, “I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart…”

Now there’s a no-brainer. Wouldn’t it have been great if he’d said: “I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh‘s heart… Oh wait, he doesn’t have one, my bad.”

More seriously, if Obama‘s earlier comments during Press Conference, about his talk with Netanyahu isn’t a covert “bomb bomb bomb Iran,” then I’m a monkey’s uncle (actually, we are ALL monkeys’ uncles, but that’s another story).

New Definition of “Hardcore Atheist” Pen Jillette

Just overheard. Definition (Jillette’s ?) of a “hardcore atheist”: “… someone who doesn’t even believe that that OTHER people are NOT atheists.” Love it.


Globalrevolution.tv: So, uh, maybe it WILL be televised…. Politics, OWS, Media, Democracynow.org


So uh, maybe it WILL be televised!

So maybe it WILL be televised

So uh, maybe it WILL be televised!

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“And not once did anybody say to me, ‘Socrates, hemlock is poison’.” From Tonight Show? Letterman, Steve Martin

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“Bonobo Pants,” for men who want to exude the style and grace of a horny, promiscuous Great Ape.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p4njL-9A

OK, it’s WTF time in the land of the zombies and the home of the clueless. Does this company actually think that most people are not familiar with what bonobos are famous for? Arghhhh.

Whoever the people are who came up with this company’s name (and all the folks down the line who went along for the ride without raising the alarm) have broken the land-speed record for utter ignorance and stupidity.

And where did I see their ad? Here’s the best part… in Facebook. Yep. Figures, so this tells us just what kind of intellectual caliber we can expect out of Team Zuke 🙂

http://www.bonobos.com/  Yep this is the company website, I’ll bet you thought I was kidding right?

Who's wearing the Bonobo Pants in THIS family?
“Honey, when I saw you in those Bonobo Pants, I just had to have you…”

For eCommerce, eBay, Amazon folks: “How Google+ Changes Everything” Interview with Chris Brogan of “Trust Agents”

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p4njL-9t

As an eBay/Amazon vendor and a big fan of “Trust Agents” and +Chris Brogan and +Julien Smith, this article will be of interest to anyone involved in those or any e-commerce areas, or marketing in general, for that matter.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?

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Very funny and provoking article , ” ‘Steve Jobs: Vampire. Bill Gates: Zombie.’ ” in Oct. 30 Sunday NY Times Magazine got me speculating on further Zombie equations, hence my headline.

It’s a fun game and any number can play.

Send me YOUR equations.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?
Anybody have the "If/Then" math equation for this? 🙂

Seven Billionth Baby, 7,000,000,000 … Seven thousand thousand thousand

The oldest crapper

OK, not the oldest crapper, but one of Crapper’s oldest crappers. No shit.

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“I use what I call my bathroom metaphor. If two people live in an apartment, and there are two bathrooms, then both have what I call freedom of the bathroom, go to the bathroom any time you want, and stay as long as you want to for whatever you need. And this to my way is ideal. And everyone believes in the freedom of the bathroom. It should be right there in the Constitution. But if you have 20 people in the apartment and two bathrooms, no matter how much every person believes in freedom of the bathroom, there is no such thing. You have to set up, you have to set up times for each person, you have to bang at the door, aren’t you through yet, and so on. And in the same way, democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people onto the world, the value of life not only declines, but it disappears. It doesn’t matter if someone dies.”

– Isaac Asimov

Quoted in BBC story today Oct 31 2011

OK, not the oldest crapper, but one of Crapper's oldest crappers. No shit.

Is there a quick way to send a gmail ms. to google docs, now that Labs app is gone?

Is there a quick way to send a gmail ms. to google docs

question is in graphic, thanks

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Question is in graphic, thanks

A Gmail question

The Angry Aussie does an Ayn rant. Priceless.

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I cannot imagine what kind of environmental circumstances lead people (some of them actually pretty bright) to embrace religion. It beggars my imagination. Ignorance may indeed be bliss, but I’d rather have a fucking BRAIN and live two hundred years with scabies, permanent jock itch and tinnitus than be someone who by some twist of fate is both an adult and truly believes in palpably absurd doctrines and fairy tales.

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more maroons actually proudly enunciate their respect for that miserable twisted little freak, Ayn Fucking Rand. Anyone over the age of 10 who can see ANY worth in her circular “reasoning” can only be excused as a case of early emotional abuse of undetermined nature. So the Angry Aussie is a breath of freaking fresh air. I particularly like the Alan Greenspan bit toward the end.

I do hope he has a rant about Scientology, that would be sweet.

#AynRand #AngryAussie #Satire #Politics #Philosophy #Scientology #Libertarians

Crowd Accelerated Innovation: another reason why Google Plus is and will be an important and vital tool

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Here’s a quote from this article, TED Curator Chris Anderson on Crowd Accelerated Innovation, Wired Magazine Jan. 2011.


The absurd camp calls YouTube a festering swamp of adolescent distraction: narcissism, kitten videos, and fart jokes. The obvious camp thinks it’s old news that the Internet fosters communities and promotes innovation (and this camp may view online video as a relatively insignificant new contributor to a familiar theme).

Both camps have a point. But they’re missing the big picture. The true significance of online video has been mischaracterized and underreported.

Innovation has always been a group activity. The myth of the lone genius having a eureka moment that changes the world is indeed a myth. Most innovation is the result of long hours, building on the input of others. Ideas spawn from earlier ideas, bouncing from person to person and being reshaped as they go. If you’re comfortable with the language of memes, you could say a healthy meme needs an ecosystem not of a single brain but of a network of brains. That’s how ideas bump into other ideas, replicate, mutate, and evolve.

Several authors have recently taken on this subject. Henry Chesbrough warns companies to adopt “open innovation,” Eric von Hippel speaks of democratizing innovation, showing how, for example, the kite-surfer community outinnovated the manufacturers that were serving it, and Michael Farrell describes “collaborative circles,” demonstrating that throughout history the best creativity has happened when groups of artists, reformers, writers, or scientists connected regularly with one another.

So Crowd Accelerated Innovation isn’t new. In one sense, it’s the only kind of innovation there’s ever been. What is new is that the Internet—and specifically online video—has cranked it up to a spectacular degree.

The way I see it, Crowd Accelerated Innovation requires three ingredients: a crowd, light, and desire. Let’s take each in turn.”

Another reason Google Plus is significant on the world stage

Chrome Remote Desktop HOO HA!

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Paul Budden, a G+ pal who lives across the country from me, helped me troubleshoot a Google Docs problem using the Chrome Remote Desktop. CRD is still in beta, but it is SIMPLE, FAST and GREAT!


Chrome remote desktop
Chrome remote desktop

Remember: UPLOAD to Google Docs, don’t cut and paste

REMEMBER: UPLOAD large files to Google Docs, don't cut and pasteShortlink: http://wp.me/p4njL-8k


When you add to or create any kind of doc to Google Docs, REMEMBER:  IF it’s really small and you want to cut and paste, it’s not a problem. BUT if your file is of any significant SIZE, REMEMBER to UPLOAD it instead. It works like a charm, whereas trying to cut and paste will lead to nothing but grief.                    

ALSO, if you are not interested in anything but the pure content and not the peripheral info (such as formatting, styles etc), then you can use a TWO-STEP process:

1. Copy and paste your data into a text file app such as Text Wrangler to strip out everything peripheral

2. Upload the simple txt file to Google Docs.

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