“And not once did anybody say to me, ‘Socrates, hemlock is poison’.” From Tonight Show? Letterman, Steve Martin

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“Bonobo Pants,” for men who want to exude the style and grace of a horny, promiscuous Great Ape.

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OK, it’s WTF time in the land of the zombies and the home of the clueless. Does this company actually think that most people are not familiar with what bonobos are famous for? Arghhhh.

Whoever the people are who came up with this company’s name (and all the folks down the line who went along for the ride without raising the alarm) have broken the land-speed record for utter ignorance and stupidity.

And where did I see their ad? Here’s the best part… in Facebook. Yep. Figures, so this tells us just what kind of intellectual caliber we can expect out of Team Zuke 🙂

http://www.bonobos.com/  Yep this is the company website, I’ll bet you thought I was kidding right?

Who's wearing the Bonobo Pants in THIS family?
“Honey, when I saw you in those Bonobo Pants, I just had to have you…”

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?

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Very funny and provoking article , ” ‘Steve Jobs: Vampire. Bill Gates: Zombie.’ ” in Oct. 30 Sunday NY Times Magazine got me speculating on further Zombie equations, hence my headline.

It’s a fun game and any number can play.

Send me YOUR equations.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?
Anybody have the "If/Then" math equation for this? 🙂

Gaddafi Jr. Lays It All Out for Us

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One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Dept.:

“The madman never realizes that he is mad. The same is the case with the stupid – the stupid person never realizes that he is stupid.
To realize that you are mad is the beginning of sanity; to realize that you are stupid is the beginning of intelligence.
There is nothing wrong in being stupid. But to be stubborn and to insist that
your stupidity is wisdom, that is a problem.”

(from Moa Sahli, Socratic News, Facebook)

Worst body language since Al Gore debates.
Hi, I'm a clueless twit, but I have PhD.

Depressed? Panicked? Blue? Use the Coffee With Milk Mantra!

WARNING: some of you may be offended by this video. I think it’s
non-sexist and adorable. But if you go there in spite of the caveat, well, you were warned.

The good news is that if you do watch it, you can use it whenever you need a good belly laugh.

The video is from youporn.com but it ain’t porn IMHO.

In its own weird way, it points up some of the best things about the
American character, and we need that don’t we?

Obviously, it’s REAL. The expression of the guy with white hair and
smoking a cigarette is priceless.

There is a music track, but the voices were not recorded. After you
watch it a couple of times it reflects some of the finest values of
silent film comedy.

I have googled for the back-story on this video (there’s a banner on the video but I found no links there), but no luck so far, if you find any, do let me know.

However, my google did take me to a wonderful blog:
Check out her very funny husband/wife dialog: