“Bonobo Pants,” for men who want to exude the style and grace of a horny, promiscuous Great Ape.

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OK, it’s WTF time in the land of the zombies and the home of the clueless. Does this company actually think that most people are not familiar with what bonobos are famous for? Arghhhh.

Whoever the people are who came up with this company’s name (and all the folks down the line who went along for the ride without raising the alarm) have broken the land-speed record for utter ignorance and stupidity.

And where did I see their ad? Here’s the best part… in Facebook. Yep. Figures, so this tells us just what kind of intellectual caliber we can expect out of Team Zuke 🙂

http://www.bonobos.com/  Yep this is the company website, I’ll bet you thought I was kidding right?

Who's wearing the Bonobo Pants in THIS family?
“Honey, when I saw you in those Bonobo Pants, I just had to have you…”

For eCommerce, eBay, Amazon folks: “How Google+ Changes Everything” Interview with Chris Brogan of “Trust Agents”

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As an eBay/Amazon vendor and a big fan of “Trust Agents” and +Chris Brogan and +Julien Smith, this article will be of interest to anyone involved in those or any e-commerce areas, or marketing in general, for that matter.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?

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Very funny and provoking article , ” ‘Steve Jobs: Vampire. Bill Gates: Zombie.’ ” in Oct. 30 Sunday NY Times Magazine got me speculating on further Zombie equations, hence my headline.

It’s a fun game and any number can play.

Send me YOUR equations.

Google+: Vampire Facebook: Zombie?
Anybody have the "If/Then" math equation for this? 🙂

Chrome Remote Desktop HOO HA!

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Paul Budden, a G+ pal who lives across the country from me, helped me troubleshoot a Google Docs problem using the Chrome Remote Desktop. CRD is still in beta, but it is SIMPLE, FAST and GREAT!


Chrome remote desktop
Chrome remote desktop

Remember: UPLOAD to Google Docs, don’t cut and paste

REMEMBER: UPLOAD large files to Google Docs, don't cut and pasteShortlink: http://wp.me/p4njL-8k


When you add to or create any kind of doc to Google Docs, REMEMBER:  IF it’s really small and you want to cut and paste, it’s not a problem. BUT if your file is of any significant SIZE, REMEMBER to UPLOAD it instead. It works like a charm, whereas trying to cut and paste will lead to nothing but grief.                    

ALSO, if you are not interested in anything but the pure content and not the peripheral info (such as formatting, styles etc), then you can use a TWO-STEP process:

1. Copy and paste your data into a text file app such as Text Wrangler to strip out everything peripheral

2. Upload the simple txt file to Google Docs.

Google Plus adds Tweet, Translate and Delicious to its Stream Post options… AND an ALERT to Delicious users.

New layout and functions
G+ New Functions in Posting in Stream

ADDENDUM: turns out this is a Chrome extension. But it’s great.

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As of this morning, several more functionalities showed up under posts in the G+ stream. Previously there was Plus1, Comment and Share. Now there are 3 more: Tweet, Translate and Delicious.

Apparently, not everyone has this functionality yet (same as with the advanced version of Hangouts). But I’m certain this one will roll our very soon to everyone. My page is http://gplus.to/quickdrawartist


This is significant on many levels, of course. One being that, as I’ve thought myself, Google+ will replace many things, but not Twitter, unless it buys Twitter. And if it does, it will probably have the same hands-off approach that it uses with YouTube. My perspective has been that Twitter has a special place and set of functionalities that “plays well with others,” including Google+. Twitter is clean, powerful and flexible and very well administrated. I have never been able to fathom why so many folks express the feeling that Google+ would replace Twitter. What was I not getting? At this point, I think it’s a safe bet that Google feels the same way about Twitter.

Very cool right? But Delicious? Why Delicious? Google already owns its own very good google.bookmarks.


I think I know why, because Avos (owned by YouTube’s founders) has acquired Delicious from Yahoo and Google OWNS YouTube.*

As a long time fan of and early adopter of Delicious, this is great news on many fronts, to my mind at any rate. Delicious has some significant functionalities that Google.bookmarks does not. On the other hand, Google.bookmarks ties into the rest of your Google apps. So I think we’re going to be seeing a conflation of the two.

Lately, I have been bouncing miserably between Instapaper (it’s so fast and handy), Firefox bookmarks, and lately, with the advent of Google+, Google.bookmarks, while in the back of my mind wondering why I didn’t keep using Delicious. Probably because I’m allergic to Yahoo.

What would really even fantasticker would be for Google to also buy Instapaper and merge its sterling functionalities as well (and improve its folder function too, or replace it).

*http://www.avos.com/delicious-press-release/      YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious From Yahoo!

** This popped up for me this morning, so check it out if you have ever used Delicious: up “To continue using Delicious, you must agree to transfer your account information to AVOS by Friday, September 23, 2011. Click here to transfer now > https://secure.delicious.com/settings/optin

Attention Delicious Users
Attention Delicious Users

Google Video: Will Google get rid of Google Video soon?

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Google Video: Will Google get rid of Google Video soon? 1 answer on Quora

Will Google get rid of Google Video soon?

Does anyone have hard evidence whether this is true or not?

“What happened to Delicious?” and alternative to Facebook? (see freelish and friendfeed)


Reading “What happened to delicious?” is so depressing. Then, on the heels of reading this, I learned about Freelish http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_ideal_delicious_alternative_statusnets_freelis.php .

Also… just learned about friendfeed.com, which looks like a potentially more powerful,  cleaner, safer alt to facebook… Only to learn that it has been purchased by the devil’s spawn, Facebook in 2009.

What happened when I linked my Wordpress Blog to Facebook

Facebook WordPress blog linkup
What happened when I linked my facebook to my blog

UPDATE: Oct 2 ,2011, Now that I’ve become a Google+ nutjob, I’m finding it harder to not respond right away within G+, but I’ll do my best…

ABOUT THIS BLOG: I’ve decided that it makes more sense to post contributions to my blog first, and then link them in Facebook (and now Twitter and Google Plus). Serendipitous result, my blog stats zoomed (well, still tiny, but proportionately, pretty cool).

NEXT STEP? Get better using: http://learn.wordpress.com/

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